You said:

“Sharks meet the Pacific Ocean! So comfy, so sleek!”
Maria T., San Francisco
February 2013

“Look what came in the mail! My Cap East Gecko Flip-flops! Such fun!”
Catherine M., North Carolina
February 2013
“Really comfortable, impossibly cool!”
Bian H., Beijing
February 2013
“Fun and silly and totally off season – which makes you clever and well prepared for the next season if you get organised enough to get some NOW!”
Handmade Hong Kong, Hong Kong
January 2013
“Check out the awesome flip flops!… Think beach…think fun!”
Caroline D., Virginia
January 2013
“Merry Christmas! Cap East arrived via an early sleigh today…very fun.”
Stacey G., Virginia
December 2012
“Oh! so comfortable in my jigsaw style flip flops!!! The soles are firm and thick enough but light and soft to walk on!!!”
Cuca M., Spain
November 2012